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The EKU History

The EKU brand was developed at the brewery established in November 1872 under the name of »Erste Kulmbacher Actien-Exportbier Brauerei«. EKU is still brewed in the German tradition according to the famous»purity law« decreed by Duke Wilhelm IV in 1516, which allows brewers to
use only water, hops, and malt, and has stood ever since for a top quality, naturally brewed Bavarian beer. As the first brewery in Kulmbach, EKU exported its products beyond the borders of Bavaria, and EKU has maintained this tradition as a producer of export beer over the years.

The EKU History

As early as the nineteen-thirties, EKU was well-recognized in overseas markets. In 1996 EKU allied itself with the new company Kulmbacher Brauerei AG, but retained its unique, internationally renowned, Bavarian brewing tradition.
EKU is found today around the world: in Italy, France, China, Japan, USA, Mexico, Russia, Africa, Canada, the Philippines, the Seychelles, and many, more countries …

EKU – the Original Bavarian beer speciality for over 140 years.