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- golden yellow, malted aromatic -

Our golden yellow, robust EKU Export is full-bodied with a soft finish and delivers a special treat with a light malty flavor for every beer lover. The more robust flavor associated with bottom-fermenting and stronger brewing gives EKU Export a longer shelf life, which is important for the international transport outside the borders of Bavaria.

5.4% alcohol content
12.6% original wort

*EKU Export pairs ideally with all types of savory snacks, hearty dishes, and traditional Bavarian fare.

The History of International EKU Beer

EKU was established in November 1872 in the beer city of Kulmbach under the full name of »Erste Kulmbacher Actien- Exportbier Brauerei«. EKU was one of the first beers to be exported outside the borders of Bavaria. To this day, EKU maintains its beloved Bavarian brewing tradition throughout the world: Italy, France, China, Japan, USA, Mexico, Russia, Africa, Canada, the Philippines, the Seychelles, and many more …

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